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What is Dynamic Website?

A dynamic website is a website that displays different content every time user view it. This display change depend on various factors such as location, time of day, language and upon the previous search of a user. Dynamic website changes content automatically while static website content remains same until it is updated. While static website requires manual updating, whereas dynamic website changes the content according to the visitors. This change is done either through client-side scripting or server-side scripting. Client-side scripting involves a code that is executed by viewer’s browser using language like JavaScript but Server-side scripting involves to code that is executed by server before sending content to viewer’s browser.

Features of our dynamic Website:

1. Page Management
2. File Collection
3. It changes format according to your Screen size.
4. Guestbook
5. Search Opportunity
6. Changes Language according to the country you are browsing from.
7. Search and Website History
8. Device
9. Time of Day
10. Easier to Maintain

Benefits of dynamic Website:

Terms and conditions:

1. The design provided in the website will be customized and will be specific.
2. Website will be provided with proper navigation and user will find easy to look out for your services.
3. Price mentioned for this website includes Domain, hosting, space, designing and maintenance.
4. Any updation required for website will be provided to throughout the year.
5. For terms of service please visit www.samrattechnologies.com

*Dynamic Website Quotation* Rs. 9,999/-
Sr. Particulars Price
1 Business Domain 1,200/-
2 Web Hosting 1,800/-
3 Responsive Mobile Friendly Template
4 Login/Logout Panel, Dashboard 1,000/-
5 Add visitors & Reports
Auto handle gallery/slider etc..
6 Web-Master SEO
free facebook page etc..
7 Upload Material Free
Total: 9,999/-
dynamic website
dynamic website
dynamic website
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