Marketing is the observation and control of trade relationships.Marketing is the enterprise procedure of making relationships with and satisfying customers. Along with following the customer-centric approach, marketing is one of the main components of business management. Marketing is field of marketing which includes the promoting products and services on different platforms.it is the promotion of product and services, and it's essential for any business that wishes to expertise success. A marketing program could teach students regarding market trends, analysis, methods and research.

Sr. No. Course Name Duration
1PG Diploma In Marketing Management2 Years
2Advance diploma in Marketing Management1 Year
3Diploma in Marketing Management6 Months
4Diploma in Digital Marketing6 Months
5Diploma in Retailer6 Months
6Diploma in Social Media Marketing6 Months
7Diploma in Public Relations Marketing6 Months
8Diploma in Advertising Marketing6 Months
9Diploma in Content Marketing6 Months
10Diploma in Growth Marketing6 Months
11Diploma in Product Marketing 6 Months
12Certificate in Marketing Management4 Months
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