The terms design computation and other relevant terms, including design and computation and computer design, refer to the study and practice of design activities through the application and development of new ideas and techniques in computer science.

Around nearly forty years back (from the late 1960s to the early 2000s) , One of the first groups to invent the term was the Key Center of Design Computing and Cognition at the University of Sydney in Australia has done their pioneered research, teaching and consultancy in design and computational technologies.

Sr. No. Course Name Duration
1PG Diploma in Computer Aided Designing1 Year
2Advance Diploma in Interior Designing & Decoration2 Years
3Advance Diploma in Product Design1 Year
4 Advance Diploma in Event & Exhibition Design1 Year
5Advance Diploma in Graphic Designing 1 Year
6Diploma in Visual Merchandising 1 Year
7Diploma in Game Design1 Year
8Diploma in Architectural Engineering3 Years
9Diploma in Computer Aided & Textile Designing 1 Year
10 Diploma in Photography1 Year
11Diploma in Textile Designing1 Year
12 Diploma in Printing Technology3 Years
13Diploma in Building Service Electrical 1 Year
14Diploma in Building Service Plumbing1 Year
15Diploma in Interior Designing & Decoration1 Year
16Diploma in 3D Animation 2 Years
17Certificate in 2-D Designing6 Months
18Certificate in AutoCAD3 Months
19Certificate in Corel Draw 3 Months
20Certificate in Photoshop3 Months
21Certificate in Computer Aided Designing6 Months
22Certificate in Textile Designing6 Months
23Certificate in Landscaping Design6 Months
24Certificate in Interior Designing6 Months
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