Let’s talk about technology?

Technology in business is a growing necessity. With the fast moving world, business world requires more technology. Technology in business means building a website for your company, promoting your work online, keeping your customers connected with you. If we see nowadays workers and technicians don’t need to travel to the office to receive new assignments. Instead, they get calls or mobile messages while in the field. Colleagues are connected to each other thanks to e-mail, text messages or what Sapp messages. In a similar way if you want the customers to be connected to your company you need to build your business online.

Our Company

Samrat Technologies was founded in 2010 as an executive web design company in Sri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab. We believe that website is an integral part of online promotion and if we talk about nowadays any business or company is judged by website, So we design different types of website such as static, Dynamic, and responsive. We work from establishment of website to the final testing. Samrat Technologies is India’s No 1 prime Company in IT which deals in both Web Designing and Web Development. The experienced team of web designers in Samrat Technologies can design a simple, unique, and responsive website by using the latest version of software and integrate graphics into our website designing services. Our company has dealt with 650+ clients and served 7+ countries in the world. We can help your business to achieve new heights.

Our Services

We offer a huge no of services in every single type of business and the services we deal in are:

  • Website Designing And Development • Website Designing And Development - We Design and Develop website for all institutions, School, College, Companies, NGO, and University. We Design Static, Dynamic, and Responsive website. We Design a website with all the features like easy navigation, trendy, intuitive design and user experience. It will have relevant, authoritative content. The three main types of content will be Basic Company information, Text or Images that show case a company’s main offerings and Blogs. It will also include Product visuals and descriptions. Links to the social media will be provided in the website.
  • Software Design • Software Design - We deal in Designing different types of software and in different marketing as such Billing Software, Shuttering Software, Saloon/Spa, School /College, Dry Clean service management, Fees management software and Hotel Management. The main characteristics as such Simplicity, coupling, cohesion, information, hiding, performance, and security will be provided to you in software designed by our team. We believe in quality and we provide the best quality in our services to all clients. Our team works on all the six steps included in designing a software that is Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and maintenance.
  • Online services • Online services - We provide Domain and Hosting for your website with SSL security. Every business in the world needs a keyword for what people search so we work on Search Engine Optimization. For your business to have a place in such a large scale competition your business should be listed in topmost list of Google so we develop your business through SEO. Until your customers are not notified regarding the sales or offers you are offering there will be no production so promote your business through the service of Bulk sms. We offer promotional bulk sms service for promoting your business using online sms marketing. Now the most important step for widening your production is digital marketing. We will upgrade your business through promotion on Facebook, instagram, twitter, you tube and on every social platform.
  • Mobile services • Mobile Applications – Mobile application can become a brand ambassador for your business. We develop mobile apps on both operating system IOS as well android. Mobile apps will have all the features as such simplicity because if your customer cannot access the information quickly and easily, they will become frustrated and do it another way. Next comes Speed because fast loading screens are vital. It will come along with other features like Good image resolution, Flexibility, Security, Search options, Bright and bold colour Schemes, Push notifications, and updates. We develop mobile apps for institutions, grocery, recharge and Multi-Level Marketing.

Why you should go for us?

  • Impressive portfolio – You should look at our company’s website and achievements and the work which our company is pursuing from long time. We have a large number of fully designed website and software’s which are currently working at large scale. We have proven track record of stunning projects that we are delivering to our clients. If you like what you see, then we may be perfect match for your business.
  • User- friendly navigation – We design website which will be easy and smooth to navigate. Our website layout will be simple and reasonably organized. Links to all the main pages of your website will be present on navigation tabs. With professional designs and unlimited revisions you will be provided a unique website.
  • Our Experience - Since 2010, we have made 650+ websites and 20,000 individuals and served more than seven countries across the globe. We are known for long term experience with different-different companies and institutions. We have been working hard to meet the expectations of our clients.
  • We satisfy both A’s - We work on the quality of website as well as price of website. Our website will fulfil both A’s as it will be awesome and affordable. You will get the best quality at your expected cost.
  • Mobile and search engine friendly – All websites by our company will work well on any platform. With the increase of technology growth of mobile and tablets is increasing so we need to be prepared for that so our websites are ready for the new challenges.

Certified Company

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