data entry operator

Data Entry Operator


As we all know , every office and organization is going to become computerized, the demand for data entry operators is on a top. Data entry operators are the persons who are responsible for entering and storing the required data to the computer. They usually work in an indoor, office sitting a computer and other electronic machines like printer and scanner. To become a professional data entry operator, one has to have computer literacy, good typing speed, organization and concentration skills, communication skills and an ability to sit for long periods of time entering and computing data

There is a wide range of jobs of a data entry operator in market. A data entry operator is responsible to input data quickly and efficient manner, create data , storage data and should possess knowledge about the methods for recovering useful data when needed. They also help the organisations to keep up with recording and analysing the abundance of information received on a daily basis with knowledge of basic computer.

Main module

Data Entry is Method of getting No Vital Data onto Computer. This Undertaking is finished by using Records Entry Software Program and Manually Typing Statics into File or Document. A Record Entry Operator or Clerk can Work for a Variety of Business, from Clinical Places of Work to accounting Firms. Due to the growing availability of Digital Communication Technology many Statics Entry Operator can also work from Home.

To Become a Data Entry Clerk

  • Introduction to computer, History, characteristics, components.
  • Hardware and Software Representation of Data/Information concepts.
  • Elements of word processing. Text Creation and manipulation. Text Formatting- Paragraph Indenting. Bullets and Numbering, Changing case. Macros.
  • Manipulation of Table: Draw Table, Changing cell width and height, Alignment of Text in cell, Delete / Insertion of row and column, Border and shading
  • Cross reference, table of contents. Mail Merge
  • Spread sheet elements. Manipulation of Cells: Entering Text, Numbers and Dates , Creating Text, Number and Date Series, Editing Worksheet Data, Inserting and Deleting Rows, Column, Changing Cell Height and Width
  • Using Formulas. Working with function and charts. Advanced filter, comments, protecting worksheet
  • Power point presentations: Creation of Presentation, Preparation of Slides.
  • Basics of Computer Networks. Services on Internet.
  • Basics of E-mail. Opening Email Client. Mailbox: Inbox and Outbox. Instant Messaging and Collaboration.
  • Soft Skills: Personality Development. Writing Skills,
  • File Handling.
  • Data Entry / Typing computer

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