photoshop in muktsar

Course Objective

Adobe Photoshop is essential , If you want to digitally manipulate images and improve the quality of your photos . only way to learning Understanding this image editing tool is best done through Photoshop classes.

The course is mainly focused on how to teaches you how to modified images and photos, and it will also teaches you how to open and use the RAW files from your camera to gain the best results. We will tell u how to accelerate your workflow, with keyboard shortcut tips to make for a more seamless Photoshop using experience.

This 2M course covers the beginning skills of image production and manipulation, using the industry-standard Adobe Photoshop.you learn to work with digital images for both Web and print use. This training course uses lesson files and content from the Photoshop Digital Classroom, which was written and created by our instructors.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

We introduce this 2M Adobe Photoshop courses to familiarize users with the editing capabilities of Adobe Photoshop software.Students learn how to use the Adobe Photoshop interface and access its expansive set of features. Lessons cover the basics of saving and storing image files and defining the various processes used for image editing. When they complete this Adobe Photoshop course, students will know how to use the paintbrush, airbrush, stamp and pencil tools, adding text to the images, make pictures hd,make it look more vibrant and attractive.

Course Description:


Who can join this course

who had enough interested in editing and desiging industry can join this course.

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